Advantages of electronic shelf label

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Update time : 2022-05-12 13:42:36
A commodity without clear price information is likely to lose a random trading opportunity. Electronic shelf label is the most direct way for shops to display information to customers. It can clearly display all the information of the commodity.
The traditional paper price tag usually needs to be replaced frequently, consumes a lot of labor, and has the chance to make mistakes. The efficiency is low, which will increase the operation cost. The electronic shelf label has the advantages of simple and fast operation, low error rate, high price change efficiency and long service life. It is widely used in the retail industry.
Whenever a supermarket carries out large-scale promotion, the traditional price tag needs to consume a lot of human and material resources and a lot of time and cost to complete the price change work, while the electronic shelf label only needs to modify the price information on the server, and then send the information to the electronic shelf label, and the electronic shelf label on the shelf side will display the information. It greatly improves the efficiency of price change.
Electronic shelf label can realize frequent price changes and real-time promotion. Electronic shelf labels with uniform specifications and orderly arrangement are visually beautiful, which can better improve the image of the store and bring customers a better shopping experience.

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