Hardware and software installation of HPC008 people counting system

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Update time : 2022-05-10 10:18:26
HPC008 people counting system is a video counting device, which is usually installed on the top wall, perpendicular to the ground, and scans the triangular area formed by the head and shoulders of the human body for counting.
When installing HPC008 people counting system, pay attention to the direction of entry and exit. The side with light is installed inside the entrance, and the direction of entry and exit is indicated on the back of the equipment. In the lens, it is from top to bottom to enter and from bottom to top to exit.
HPC008 people counting system has its own chassis. Fix the chassis on the wall, and then clamp the equipment on the chassis. After the equipment is powered on, you can see the main board light on the back, and the red working light on the front will start flashing in about two minutes, indicating that the equipment has been started normally.
HPC008 people counting system can be set only after connecting with the server. The default IP of the device is, and the server needs the same network segment. After entering the device, you can modify the IP of the device by yourself. After installing the device and software, you also need to check the server port and firewall to ensure the normal transmission of data.
HPC008 people counting system can transmit data in wired and wireless ways respectively. The device has the default physical IP, and the default wireless network account and password highlight will also be set for the test of the device.
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People counter system

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