How does HPC168 bus passenger counting establish a connection?

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Update time : 2022-05-31 16:05:21
HPC168 bus passenger counting is a binocular passenger flow counter, which is mainly used on public transport equipment. By setting the area, it can make data statistics on the passenger flow passing through the area.
HPC168 bus passenger counting adopts the network mode for data transmission, generally using network cable or WiFi, or using the RS485 interface provided by the device for data connection.
The IP used by HPC168 bus passenger counting is When connecting to the computer network, the computer ip should be modified to 192.168.1 Only the XXX network segment can be connected to the device. Click the connect button on the software page, and the software interface will display the images captured by the lens.
After the HPC168 bus passenger counting connection is successful, the detection environment needs to be debugged. When the detection environment is not blocked by sundries, the picture is saved as the background. When there are objects passing through, the equipment will detect these objects. When it detects that the objects are human, it will count them. The recorded data will be recorded in the lower left corner of the software.
HPC168 bus passenger counting also has certain requirements for the installation environment. Please contact us at the time of purchase to provide the installation location information to ensure that the equipment can be used normally.
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bus Passenger counting

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