How to connect digital price tag?

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Update time : 2022-05-19 15:07:29
The traditional paper price tag in the retail industry has low replacement efficiency and cumbersome replacement work, so now more businesses choose digital price tag. Here is a brief introduction on how to correctly use digital price tag.
Digital price tag is generally composed of server, base station and price tag. The base station needs to connect with the server by network cable, while the price tag is connected to the price tag by wireless.
The default IP is initially used by the base station, so you need to change the server IP to the default before establishing the connection. Add the software to the allowed communication list of the firewall, then open port 1234, and then use the AP config tool software to test the connection. After the connection is successful, all the information of the base station will be displayed in the software. If the connection fails, check the server IP, firewall and other status.
Then use demo software to change the price of digital price tag, select the corresponding digital price tag model in the software, then edit the screen information, add the required information to the price tag and arrange it in the appropriate position. After completion, find the ID at the one-dimensional code of digital price tag, fill in the ID correctly, click send and wait for the digital price tag screen to refresh to complete the price change.
Please click the below photo for more information:
digital price tag

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