How to connect ESL label to network?

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Update time : 2022-04-28 15:12:25
ESL label needs a network connection to transmit data. The base station uses a network cable to connect to the server, while ESL label connects to the base station wirelessly.
Poe is used to connect the network cable between the base station and the server of ESL label. The power supply of Poe is connected to two network cables, one for powering up and networking the base station and the other for connecting the server. After the line connection is completed, it is necessary to test whether the network between the base station and the server is connected. Because our base station uses the default server ip192 168.1.92, so our server IP needs to be modified to connect with the base station. We can also use AP config tool software to test the connection. Click read in the software, and the software will feed back the connection status. When the connection is successful, you can see the base station IP, server IP and relevant network information in the software.
The whole network connection process of ESL label is very simple and easy to operate. Of course, if you have any questions in the connection process, you can consult us.
Please click the below photo for more information:
ESL label

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