How to connect hpc168 passenger counting system equipment.

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Update time : 2021-08-12 10:34:24
Hpc168 is a passenger counter specially used to count passengers. It scans the head for accurate counting through two cameras on the passenger counter. It is usually used in the field of public transport, such as bus, ship, aircraft and other passenger transport fields.
So how to set up the networking of hpc168 passenger counter?

passenger counter
Firstly, our passenger counter system is an all in one system. We integrate many parts such as camera, processor and sensor into the same passenger counter without many complex connections. We only need to screw the passenger counter above the bus door, and the installation is complete
After power on, you need to connect the passenger counter to the router with a network cable, and then to the computer. The computer, router and passenger counter need to be kept in the same network segment. Because the default IP of the device is, the computer and router also need to be kept in 192.168.1 network segment, so that you can establish a connection with the device.

passenger counter

After the computer opens the setting software of the passenger counter (the software does not need to be installed), click "connect" to connect the passenger counter. The default interface of the software is "MODBUS", which needs to be changed to "HTTP". After the connection is successful, you can see the picture taken by the passenger counter on the software. When someone passes under the passenger counter camera, The bottom left corner of the software will display 1, 2, 3... Check "WiFi" in "Settings" and enter the account password to connect the passenger counter to WiFi. After successful connection, the main page of the software will display "WiFi: success". The equipment has multiple interfaces (rg45, RS485, RS232), which can integrate data according to their own needs. At the same time, we also provide protocol and API for customers to connect with their own equipment.