How to install HPC009 passenger counting system?

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Update time : 2022-05-17 14:10:22
HPC009 passenger counting system is a 3D passenger flow counter with dual cameras, which is often used in public transportation. It has two cameras, which can greatly improve the accuracy of data.
HPC009 passenger counting system has four interfaces at both ends, namely power supply, control switch, RS485 and RJ45. You can select the interface function provided by HPC009 passenger counting system according to the actual situation.
The lens of HPC009 passenger counting system can be rotated. Since the equipment makes statistics on the personnel in the area through the top view angle, please try to keep the lens vertical downward. It should be noted that the numbered side of the equipment needs to face the interior or interior of the vehicle, so as to ensure the correct direction of data entry and exit.
The initial parameters of HPC009 passenger counting system equipment must be connected through the network cable during setting. After the parameters are successfully set, other connection methods of the equipment can be used. The default IP of the equipment is, so our computer also needs to be in 192.168.1 Only XXX network segment can be connected to the device.
The HPC009 passenger counting system shall be installed in a place with light vibration as far as possible to ensure that the lens angle will not shift and prolong the service life of the equipment.
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passenger counting system
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