Installation method of HPC168 passenger counting device

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Update time : 2022-05-24 12:55:03
As a binocular passenger flow technical equipment, HPC168 passenger counting device has certain requirements for our installation environment. It can be used normally only when the height and detection width are matched.
The equipment can be used only when it is connected to the power supply and network. All lines are installed at both ends of the equipment and can be seen by prying open the reserved hole of the equipment with a screwdriver. The equipment is equipped with power supply, control switch, RS485 and RJ45 interfaces. The equipment can also use WiFi network, which can be selected according to the actual situation. All wires will come out of the reserved holes on the side of the equipment.
The lens of the HPC168 passenger counting device can be rotated. The angle needs to be adjusted after the device is installed, and then fixed. In order to obtain the best data, it is recommended that the lens be vertically downward.
The default IP address of the HPC168 passenger counting device is, which requires us to modify the network segment to when connecting to the device 30. When the computer and the device are in the same network segment, they can be connected. WiFi can be used only after the WiFi is set after the network cable is connected. Click the connect button in the software. When the image captured by the lens appears on the interface, it indicates that the device is connected normally.
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