What is the HPC Passenger counters for bus?

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Update time : 2022-04-19 14:35:39
HPC168 passenger counters for bus is a passenger flow statistics device specially designed for public transport. It is often used by public transport vehicles such as buses. It is mainly used to count and record the passenger flow information using public transport.
HPC168 passenger counters for bus can scan the human body through two lenses of the device for data acquisition. The two lenses of the equipment match the key features of the passing human body respectively, so as to track and identify the passenger flow in each area, and make statistics on the entry and exit of passenger flow respectively.
HPC168 passenger counters for bus needs to be connected to the network when recording, and send the data to the server in wired or wireless way for storage. Using HPC168 passenger counters for bus can avoid the tedious manual recording and save human resources.
HPC168 passenger counters for bus can calculate the passenger flow data in real time, and the statistics of passenger flow and other big data information will become more accurate and fast, which can better provide travel help for people. It can also provide data support for the adjustment of vehicle operation route and vehicle shift, so as to make travel more comfortable.
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Passenger counters for bus

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