What is the HPC198 Crowd Counter?

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Update time : 2022-04-26 15:02:33
Crowd counter is an intelligent AI counter, which can identify, track, count and control the target area. It is commonly used in passenger flow statistics, area management, overload control and other scenes.
The shape of the crowd counter is similar to that of the surveillance camera. The installation method of the surveillance camera can be used to install the equipment. The crowd counter uses the human contour or human head shape for target recognition. The crowd counter can detect the target in any horizontal direction, but the horizontal angle of the crowd counter cannot exceed 45 degrees, otherwise the target recognition rate will be reduced. When installing the crowd counter, pay attention to the open and flat environment, avoid the fixed objects in the black or dark environment, and make it easy to distinguish the target from the background (the background is the picture taken by the lens when there is no one). During the installation of crowd counter, you should also pay attention to the problem of occlusion. The target cannot be blocked by more than 2 / 3, otherwise the target will be lost.
After the crowd counter is installed, it can intelligently manage the area photographed by the lens and establish an area for analysis and counting. Crowd counter can also enhance the recognition rate of targets through target learning and training.
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