Why choose ESL price tag ?

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Update time : 2022-06-29 09:43:28
The price of a product is one of the important factors for customers to decide whether to buy or not.
When a customer takes a fancy to a product, but does not see the clear price of the product, the customer will give up the purchase. How to better present product information to customers? That's what our ESL price tag do.
ESL price tag use electronic display devices to update product information through wireless signals.
ESL price tag are infinite data receivers with an "identification code", which is the ID of the ESL price tag.
They receive the signal sent by the base station and restore it to valid information, and then display the information.
ESL price tag system has the functions of point-to-point and mass sending, ESL price tag can be specified for data transmission, and the data can be transmitted to multiple price tags at one time, which ensures the efficiency when changing prices.
ESL price tag can deal with and resolve commodity price changes in the fastest time, ensure consistent prices, and have a long service life.
The replacement of traditional paper price tags requires a lot of manpower and material costs, ESL price tag perfectly solved this problem.
ESL price tag help stores manage their shelves and at the same time bring a more comfortable shopping experience to customers.
Lower cost, faster and more flexible price change, this is the ESL price tag.
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ESL price tag