Automated IR beam wifi human people counter sensor

Item No.: HPC015S
Size: 75x50x23mm
Color: Black or white
Connection: Wireless, Wifi module support
Detection width: 1-20 meters
Battery: up to 1.5 years (international standard battery)
Software: Available
Data Checking way: Mobile or PC
Please check below video for MRB HPC015S automated IR beam wifi human people counter sensor, more details below this video
HPC015S automated IR beam wifi human people counter sensor is small-sized and battery-powered. The data can be uploaded to the cloud through WIFI automatically. It integrates two operation modes for choice: standalone and network.
Parameter settings and data browsing can be done through a smartphone, both Andriod and ios are ok.

1.Package Contents of wifi people counter
Opening the packing box, there are a RX (receiver), a TX (transmitter), two
rechargeable lithium batteries, a charger, double-sided tapes, two mounting
brackets and a small wrench.

2.Installation of Cover Plate
There is a cambered notch at the top of receiver and transmitter. Use the th
umbs of both hands to press the cover plate and the base, then open the cover plate carefully. After the installation and settings are finished, the cover plate can be buckled on.

Be sure to install the cover plates in correct direction.
The black bar area of the cover plate is infrared light transmission area. The infrared light of transmitter emits infrared ray beams through the area. Receiver receives the infrared ray beams and shows the contents of OLED display screen through the area.

3.Introductions of Receiver Panel for wifi people counter
After installing the battery, OLED display screen will show the booting information. By touching the touch sensor button, you can switch the contents on display screen: the current battery remaining capacity (BAT) and product serial number (SN), working parameters, open and close time, start AP menu and so on. If without touch operation for more than 10 seconds, the display screen will automatically turn off to reduce power consumption.
There are three indicator lights for receiver:
Red indicator light is used as the infrared focus indication. When receiver cannot receive the infrared signal from transmitter, the red indicator light will flash. Through this indicator light, you can easily find the suitable
mounting position of transmitter.
Yellow indicator light is used for low-voltage battery alarm and charge indications. When the battery voltage is too low, the indicator light will flash to remind you to charge or replace the battery. When the battery is charged through the USB interface, the indicator light is on. If you do not want to use battery, turn the DIP switch of power supply mode to the "V" position, then you can use the USB interface to charge the receiver.
Blue indicator light is for WIFI network transmission or data saving indication.

4.Introductions of Transmitter Panel
There are two indicator lights for transmitter:
Red indicator light is used as low-voltage battery alarm indication. When the battery voltage is too low, the indicator light will flash to remind you to charge or replace the battery.
Blue indicator light is self-test indication. When the battery is installed, the blue light will go out after flashing 3 times, th
at means the device is normal.
If you do not want to use battery, turn the DIP switch of power supply mode to the "V" position, then you can use the USB interface to charge the transmitter.

There are two DIP switches on transmitter. Switch 1 is used to control the frequency of transmitter, which should be corresponding to the detection speed of receiver. If the receiver is set to high speed, you need to turn switch 1 of transmitter to upside position; on the contrary, turn switch 1 to downside position. Switch 2 is used to set high power (upside position) or low power (downside position). If switch 2 is set to upside position, the infrared signal can transmit longer distance. After changing the position of DIP switch, you need to re-install the battery to make it effective.

5.The Usage of Charger
When the battery remaining capacity is low, please use the matched charger to charge it. The maximum charging process takes about 6 hours. The green indicator light is on after the battery is fully charged. The charger can charge two lithium batteries at the same time. The “+” on battery should toward the direction of indicator light.

6.Preparations before Installing Receiver of our HPC015S automated IR beam wifi human people counter sensor
First of all, you need to ensure that the receiver will work in standalone mode or network mode. If in network mode, it is necessary to ensure a good WIFI signal coverage in the installation location. You can use a smartphone to check the WIFI network signal strength in the installation location. If the WIFI signal strength is too weak, the battery power consumption of receiver will increase when connecting network or the receiver maybe not able to connect the network.
7.Working Principle of HPC015S automated IR beam wifi human people counter sensor
Receiver and transmitter should be used together and installed on both sides of entrance face to face. When there is no person traversing the entrance, receiver can receive the infrared signal from transmitter. When a person passes through the entrance, the infrared signal will be blocked. Receiver can automatically identify person’s walking direction through the infrared block direction, and then make a count.

8.Installation of Receiver
Receiver is installed on the right side of entrance in pedestrian’s entry direction. The USB interface of receiver faces down, and the infrared receiving units of receiver face the direction of transmitter. Use the matched double-sided tape to paste the receiver on the wall or door frame at about 1.3m height. If there is no suitable flat surface to fix the receiver directly in the installation location, you can use the matched mounting bracket to make sure the receiver and transmitter is face-to-face.

9.Usage of the Mounting Bracket
If the mounting positions on both sides of entrance are not parallel, it is recommended to use the mounting brackets. It is very easy to make receiver and transmitter face-to-face by adjusting the angle of mounting bracket.

Use the matched double-sided tape to paste the back of receiver and transmitter on the mounting brackets. Fix the other side of mounting bracket on the wall or door frame with the screws or double-sided tapes. Adjust the angle of receiver or transmitter, then use the small wrench to tighten the screws on the mounting bracket so that the bracket is not easy to change the angle.

10.Installation of Transmitter
Install the transmitter on the other side of entrance, at the same height with receiver, the USB interface faces down, the infrared transmission units face the direction of receiver. The launch angle of transmitter is relatively wide, so the receiver can normally receive the infrared signal from transmitter in a larger area. When the mounting position of transmitter is correct, the red indicator light of receiver will go out. Use double-sided tape or mounting brasket to fix transmitter on the mounting position.
11.Display Screen Contents of Receiver

Touch the under face of the light bar (touch sensor button position) to wake up the OLED display screen. When the OLED display screen is light, the display contents will be switched every time you touch the OLED display screen. The below contents can be displayed respectively:
Today’s in and out data, today’s date, time now
The data will automatically be cleared before the open time every day.
BAT: Battery remaining capacity
SN: Unique product serial number
Local: Standalone mode    Net: Network mode
Low: Low speed detection (walking speed)  
Hi: High speed detection (trot speed)
RC: Record cycle (Only for network mode)
UC: Upload cycle (Only for network mode)
The current open and close time
Outside the setting period, receiver will automatically enter the sleeping mode and will not count. It will autostart when open time begins.
Operation interface of starting AP mode 
This is for smartphone to search the WIFI hotspot of receiver.

As the device is battery-powered, in order to maximize the battery life, the display screen will automatically turn off if without touch operation in 10 seconds.

12.Configuration of Receiver
You need to prepare a smart phone with WIFI function to complete the configuration.
Switch the contents of display screen to "Keep press to AP" interface, long press for 5 seconds until the screen shows "Running" and the countdown time. Open the WLAN of smartphone, search WIFI network, you can find a network hotspot named for "People Counter", then join the network and make sure the network connection is successful.
  After the receiver starts AP service (WIFI hotspot), if no smartp hone is connected to the “People Counter” network within 30 seconds, the AP service will automatically exit. So you need to notice the countdown time on screen, it will re-countdown each time you touch the screen.

If the smart phone has been connected to the “People Counter” network and the browser has accessed the setting page for operation, the AP service (WIFI hotspot) of receiver will keep on. So do not worry about the countdown time.
Note: As the power consumption of receiver will increase largely when starting AP service (WIFI hotspot), it is recommended to quickly complete all the settings and close AP service timely.

If other wireless devices are using or there is WIFI channel interference around the receiver, you may fail to join the “People Counter” network. Try to join several times until network connection is successful.
Open the browser, input this browser address:, press Enter (GO), enter the setting page of receiver. The initial password is 1234, you need to
enter the password firstly and then choose the setting contents.

13.Standalone Mode Setting
If you want to use standalone mode, input the password in the login interface, click “PARAMETER”, then enter the setting page to set open time, close time, speed and display mode.
Two detection speeds are available: low speed and high speed. If you want to detect pedestrian’s normal speed, please choose “Low”. If you want to detect faster speed, such as running speed, please choose “High”. But note that the power consumption will increase in high speed mode. 
There are three display modes for choice. If you do not want other people to see the data on the screen of receiver, please choose "Disable". If you only want to see the sum of the data in two directions, please choose "Total ". If you want to see the in and out data respectively, then choose "Two-way ". Press save, then receiver will update the parameters and calibrate its time according to your smartphone time automatically.
Now the standalone mode settings are done. Exit your mobile browser, after the countdown time on receiver screen is over, the standalone mode will run.

14.Data Browsing
Click “DATA LIST” button in login page, then you can browse the total daily data in the last 30 days and the total monthly data in the last 12 months. You can clear today’s data by clicking “Clear” button.

The data on display screen will be cleared automatically before the open time every day. The total in and out data from open time to close time will be displayed, and the data will not be affected by battery replacement.

15.Network Mode Setting
In network mode, the data will be uploaded to the cloud automatically through WIFI network in fixed cycle.
Stay 5 seconds (the time for receiver to scan the surrounding WIFI hotspot) in the login page, then input the password. Click “SET NET” to enter the setting page. Then click SSID button to show the surrounding WIFI network information that receiver can search. Select the available WIFI network, input WIFI password and the server address information or code that server administrator provides, then click save.
After the parameters are saved successfully, the receiver starts to connect WIFI network and server. It takes about 30 seconds to connect to a new network.
After network connection and server connection are normal, the parameters required to run receiver will be downloaded from the server automatically. After time calibration, it will show "Setting is OK."
HPC015S is used in the people flow control system: 

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