Automated occupancy control safe people counting control and occupancy monitoring system

Item No.: HPCAOC
Automated occupancy control system
Safe people counting control system
Occupancy monitoring system
Please check below video for a brief introduction
Due to the current Covid-19 worldwide situation, more and more public places are required to restrict passenger flow, such as banks, bars, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, etc., our products can help control the number of personnel, showing the current on the big screen The flow of passengers can also give control signals such as door closing, alarming, and sending information. The most important thing is that all of this can be set through a smartphone. Contact us now to design your plan!
We use advanced 3D automatic people counting Cameras or Infrared Beam People counter sensors to collect data. 

Below is the working Principle
Set this system with a smartphone ( andriod or ios)

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