customer counter

Item No.: HPC015D
Size: 75x50x23mm
Color: Black or white
Save Interval: Real time, 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.
Data export way: By USB cable
Data Checking way: on LCD screen or PC
Detection width: 1-20 meters
HPC015D customer counter is small-sized and battery-powered. The data can be exported to the computer by a USB cable. And with a screen, you can also check the data on the device. 
There is another updated HPC015U, which can be can be exported to the computer by a USB disk which is more convenient, you can check in our product list.
1. Dial Switch
When the device is powered by battery, both switch V and B are ok. If powered by USB port, the switch V is a must.

2. USB Connection
When customer counter is connected to the computer via USB, the people counter screen displays “USB Conn OK” and

the people counter is in transfer mode. If the client program is not started within 1 minute, the counter will exit the USB

connection state. The USB interface can be re-plugged to put the counter into transfer mode.

3. Software for customer counter
Read Config button is used to read the current working parameters in the people counter;
Write Config button is used to write the parameters that set by the software to the customer counter and save the parameters;
Clr Cache button is used to clear all saved records in the customer counter;
Export button is used to export all the records saved in the customer counter to the computer;
Again Export button can clear the exported data, so that all records saved in the customer counter can be exported to the computer again.
Cache Directory button can open the export file directory;
Curr Datetime button will calibrate the computer current time to counter time, and click "Write Config" to take effect;
3.1 Device SN
Used to distinguish different customer counters, each customer counter has a unique SN number.
3.2 Version
Version number used by the customer counter.
3.3 Save Interval (s)
Customer counter keeps a record at intervals, and records the sum of the people flow data during the time period.
For example, the save interval is selected as "1 hour".
Then, according to the business start time, the customer counter will save a record every one hour in a fixed period, and the recorded people flow data is the sum of the data in this hour range.
When "Dynamic save" is selected, only the time period in which the people flow data is generated will be recorded and saved, and the time period in which the passenger flow data is not generated will not be saved.
3.4 Probe Speed
The target detection speed mode currently set by the customer counter needs to be consistent with the mode of the transmitter.
There are 2 type speed modes: One is low speed mode, another is high speed mode. The default is low speed mode.

Under low speed mode: The maximum speed of detectable pedestrians is 15km/h, and normally most of pedestrians walk at a speed of 10km/h, so this speed mode could meet the detection of walking speed of most people, but if the pedestrian speed exceeds maximum speed will not be detected. However this model could help reduce the power consumption of the counter to increase battery life.

Under high speed mode: The maximum speed of detectable pedestrians is 25km/h, which can detect pedestrians passing by jogging, but if speed exceeds the maximum speed will not be detected. Choose this speed mode will increase the power consumption of the counter, resulting in shorter battery life

The working mode of customer counter will displayed on the counter LCD
screen when it is turned on:

L0 means Low speed  Hi means : High speed
According to the working mode of customer counter, the working mode of the transmitter sensor need to be adjusted accordingly, must make sure both of them keep consistent and then ok for normal use.

Transmitter 1# DIP switch slider to the ON end indicates high speed mode
Transmitter 1# DIP switch slider to 1 end indicates low speed mode
Transmitter 2# DIP switch slider to the ON end indicates high power mode
Transmitter 2# DIP switch slider to 2 terminals to indicate low power mode
If the transmitter DIP switch changes, the battery must be reinstalled to ensure that the transmitter is operating with the new parameters.
3.5 Work Period
The customer counter working time range, if the passenger flow counter time is within the range, it is automatically counted; if not within the range, the device stop counting.
3.6 Equipment Time 
The current time of customer counter can be manually set and then recalibrated by the "Write Configuration" button to the passenger flow counter time.
3.7 Number of caches 
The maximum number of buffers saved by the counter is 3,200, which is scrolled and saved in the overlay mode. The exported records are marked to prevent repeated data export. The data can be re-exported by clearing the flag bit by the “Enable Export Again” button.