Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic price tag

Wireless transmission technology: radio frequency 2.4G
ESL Label Sizes: 1.54, 2.13, 2.66, 2.9, 3.5, 4.2, 4.3, 5.8, 7.5 inches
Support custom larger size
E-ink color: black-white-red /Black-white
Lithium CR2450 button battery support
Battery life: 3-5 years, support local market procurement
Resistant to high and low temperatures
Support application in different places:
Retail stores, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, warehouses, etc.
Free technical support
Free SDK and API files are provided for easy integration with systems such as POS/ERP
Software: demo software, stand-alone software, network software
MRB –The Top digital price tag Supplier from China
MRB is a electronic shelf labels manufacturers
High-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of electronic shelf tags and products related to the retail industry.
Its headquarters and R&D base are located in Shanghai, China.
Over the past 15 years, we have always been adhering to user needs as the center. providing different solutions for global users, whether the terminal owner.
middlemen or distributors, we have provided them with the most suitable electronic price labels solutions.
Therefore, MRB has also been recognized by users around the world.

What is an digital price tag?
ESL electronic shelf label is a new type of price shelf label placed on the shelf, mainly used to display products price, specification, picture, function, etc.
of the product, 
It is mainly composed of electronic display screen, hardware shell, internal chip, etc.
When digital price tag working, it needs to be used in conjunction with the base station and computer software.
The electronic price shelf label is based on 2.4G wireless transmission technology, controlled, modified and operated by computer software,
so as to realize the function of intelligently modifying price information.


Why choose electronic price tag?
ESL tags are relative to traditional paper price tags.
For example, in supermarkets or pharmacies, each product needs a price tag to show customers the price, specification, product name, production date,
expiration date, function, etc.

When the product needs to be promoted or add new information, if Still use the traditional paper label, then many paper price tags need to be reprinted,
which is a waste of time, energy, manpower, and paper. What's more,
 paper price label can be easily damaged, lost, or even confused.
Thus came into being an intelligent electronic shelf label, which perfectly replaces the traditional paper price label. Each product corresponds to an electronic shelf label.
Each electronic shelf label is connected to the base station using 2.4G wireless, and the base station is connected to the server through a network cable.
When the price needs to be changed, it is only necessary to use the computer software to send the product information to the base station on the server,
and the base station will send the information to each electronic tag, thus quickly completing a price change.
Using electronic shelf labels eliminates the need to manually change paper labels and achieves consistent product information.

Electronic tags can reduce a lot of human resource consumption and improve customer satisfaction
Electronic labels display more comprehensive product information, low maintenance costs, and even battery life of up to 5 years, with very high reuse rate.
The most frequently asked questions for electronic shelf labels
Which place can electronic shelf labels be used?
Electronic price tag have a wide range of applications and can be used in major supermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, warehouse management,
grocery stores, show room, mobile phone stores, exhibition halls, etc.


How do esl electronic shelf label work?
1.e ink shelf label: Installed on the shelf to display price and product information.
2. Base station: Receive modification instructions from server or local software, and send data to ESL electronic shelf labels
3. Computer software: can be installed in the local store or on the server at the headquarters

* PDA (Handheld): This PDA device will only be used when using the network software. The main function is to use the PDA to scan the barcode of the product and the ID of the price tag for binding
1. Lightweight, can be operated quickly, and can bring a very good experience

2. 5.0 inch, very sensitive, high-definition electronic touch screen, support dry or wet hand and glove touch
3. Industrial-grade professional scanning, accurate, fast and safe data collection
4. 4100mAh large-capacity battery, long-lasting battery life can meet the needs of all-day work.

What are the advantages of electronic shelf tags?
2.4G esl electronic shelf label features
1. Stable working frequency: 2.4G
2. Long communication distance: up to 25m
3. Low power consumption and fast refresh rate.
4. Support multiple languages and symbols.
5. Temperature and power sampling and three-color independent LED function
6. Long battery life: No need to replace the battery frequently. Refrigerated, normal temperature, full scene coverage service life of up to 5 years
7. Ultra-low power consumption: System integration is increased by 90%, power consumption is reduced by 45%, and more than 18,000 chips can be refreshed in one hour
8. Light, thin and strong: Integrated ultra-thin design, perfectly suitable for various scenes 2.5D lens, transmittance increased by 30%
9. IP67 protection grade dustproof and waterproof, excellent performance, no fear of various harsh environments
10. Durable: Surface anti-static pressure can withstand maximum 400N 4H screen hardness, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
11. Multi-color real-time flashing status interactive reminder, quickly locate products with 7-color flashing lights
12: Recyclable, save paper, protect the environment

I am an shop owner, and have not used this kind of electronic shelf label, I want to test samples, what equipment do I need to buy?
*Must buy is electronic shelf label hardware + base station + accessories + software
If you are using it for the first time and want to test it, it is recommended to choose the free Demo software, or you can choose the cheap stand-alone software to use.
For the cost of a specific set of test samples, you can click "contact" to send us an inquiry
How many sizes for your digital price labels?

ESL Label Sizes: 1.54, 2.13, 2.13 for frozen envrionment , 2.66, 2.9, 3.5, 4.2 ,4.2 with waterproof fuctions, 4.3, 5.8, 7.5, 12.5 inches

1.54 inch electronic shelf labels    2.13 digital price tag    2.13 price display for frozen environment    2.66 in electronic price tag

               1.54 inch                                              2.13 inch                              2.13 inch for frozen envrionment                       2.66 inch
2.9 inch electronic price    3.5 inch e ink price tag    4.2inch esl tag     
               2.9 inch                                                    3.5 inch                                                     4.2 inch                                4.2 with waterproof fuctions
4.3 inch esl electronic shelf label    5.8 inch digital price display    7.5 inch retail price display    12.5 inch electronic shelf tags
4.3 inch  5.8 inch   7.5 inch 12.5 inch
What accessories are available for your electronic shelf labels?
As shown below

If you are shop owner, we can provide 3 kinds of software for you to use
*Demo software will send for free use, mainly used for samples testing
*Standalone software for 1 shop with lifetime use
*Network software mainly used for chain stores, need to make integration with your own POS system

I am selling to other customers, I am an engineering company, we are a software company, we do not want to use your software, what should I do?

*You can just buy our electronic shelf labels and base stations, then we will provide files like API or SDK for you to integrate, so that you can develop
your own software or integrate with your own system (POS/WMS/ERP)

Are electronic shelf labels battery powered? What battery are e ink price tag using? What is the battery life? How often does the battery need to be replaced?
*digital price tag uses a non-rechargeable coin cell battery with a battery life of about 5 years. You can easily purchase the battery locally and replace it themselves.

How do I determine how many base stations my store needs?
*a base station can cover up to 5000 ESL tags with a coverage radius of 10-20 meters.
You can choose to install the base station on the ceiling or other high positions, and the specific need depends on the display method of your goods.
As long as ensure that the distance between all price tags and the base station is kept at 10-15 meters.
If one base station is not enough, you can install more base stations.  
Can we customize our company's logo on esl electronic shelf label?
*logo printing is welcome, but additional charges are required, and the specific fee needs to be charged according to the difficulty of printing your logo.
Most of our customers choose to use sticker printing, if you are interested, please feel free to consult us
Which electronic shelf label is right for my store?
*You can choose different sizes of electronic shelf price tags according to the area and product type of your store.
There are total of 9 sizes of electronic shelf tags, which are used at normal temperature and can be used in general stores, such as pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.
For fruit or vegetable products, suggest you can choose larger size price tags, such as 4.2-inch, 5.8 and 7.5 inch digital shelf tags.
2.13 size price tag can used for a freezer environment
If it needs to be used outdoors and needs to be waterproof, you can choose the size of 4.2 inch
How many colors are supported for the content display of electronic shelf labels? Can the content be customized at will?
*Available in 3 colors of black, white and red
For example: black and white, black and white red, red white, black red
The content can be customized at will, just need to design the template in advance

I want to buy pricer electronic shelf labels , how do I pay you, how do you ship it to me?

* Regarding payment method, we support TT bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, etc.
You can also ask your Chinese freight forwarder or friend to pay us directly
Support multi-currency payment such as USD, RMB, EUR, etc.
*Regarding delivery, we support sea, air and international express, according to your needs
We usually send samples by international express, for example, DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,etc The shipping time is very fast, door-to-door shipping
Can you show me more information about your company?
No problem at all, see more pictures and info below

Do you have certificate for your digital shelf edge labels?
Our country needs it when import
We have the required certificates for most countries to import, if you need a certificate that we don't have
We can apply the certificate to the official department for you