How to Choose ESL tags? How to choose ESL labels?

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As an ESL manufacturer in China, we will show you how to choose the best ESL tag for your stores/supermarkets.
How to choose the best ESL tags for your store? What is the difference between different ESL tags? 
As the ESL tag manufacturer in China,  we can give you the following suggestions
First of all, from the technical level, there are Bluetooth technology, WiFi technology, RF technology and so on. We suggest using RF technology, because RF technology has the following advantages: fast communication speed, strong anti-interference ability, long communication distance and so on.
Our RF ESL tag (click for more information)

ESL base station (click for more information)

Secondly, because Electronic price tags are powered by batteries, from the perspective of energy consumption, we should choose screens and tags that consume less power and are more durable, so as to reduce the frequency of battery replacement. Under the same conditions, our products can last for more than 8 years, far surpassing the counterparts.

Thirdly, we should pay attention to the update speed and communication failure rate of ESL tag. We can update more than 20000 tags in an hour. In order to ensure 100% success, our digital price tag will communicate with base station more than 3 times to ensure 100% successful update of the price on the ESL tag.

Finally, different products need different sizes of E-ink tags. For example, ordinary products will use 2.13 ESL tags, fresh products will use larger 4.2 ESL tags, and so on. We have a variety of ESL tag sizes to choose from.
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1.54 inch Electronic shelf label
2.13 inch: Electronic shelf label
2.9 inch: Electronic shelf label
4.2 inch :  Electronic shelf label
7.5 inch:  Electronic shelf label
For different Shelf and places, we have different installation parts for you to choose: 

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ESL price tag accessories

Fore more information you can send us to ask for more, we will give you a reply in 24 hours. 
Below is our E-tag youtube videos from a ESL tag factory.

If you need other solutions for retail business, we are very happy to help you with our best efforts. we have People counting system, EAS system anti-shoplifting for stores,  DVR systems and ESL tag ( electronic shelf label systems)