Infrared People Counter Sensor

Item No.: HPC005
1. Battery operated for truly wireless installation
2. Side and Dual IR Beam
3. Integrated 6-digit LCD display
4. Up to 60 Ft. IR transmission range
5. 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.98" ABS enclosures
6. Optional flush mount bracket
HPC005 series can work in wireless condition, wifi is not needed, below is the video for a short introduction: 

A whole set includes a transmitter sensor (TX), a receiver sensor (RX), a data receiver/ collector (DC), adapter for DC, USB cable to connect DC with computer, battery for sensors, disc with stand alone software in, stickers and screws for installation.

                                                                                             1. Battery operated for truly wireless installation
                                                                                             2. Integrated 6-digit LCD display
                                                                                             3. Directional data (in and out)
                                                                                             4. 92-96% accuracy rate
                                                                                             5. Up to 20 meters detection range
                                                                                             6. Peel-stick-count, easy installation
                                                                                             7. 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.98" ABS enclosures
                                                                                             8. Customized hardware and software
                                                                                             9. Data centralized for chain stores
                                                                                             10. API available
                                                                                             11. Working in dark environment
Model HPC005
Power Supply 1.5v/ 3.6v AA or lithium battery for sensors; Adaptor/ USB powered for DC
Weight 400g
Dimension 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.98"
Operating Temperature -10~ 40℃
Color White, or Customized
Installation All kinds of stores, library, Museum, Hospital, School
Operating Current for Receiver (RX) 180μA
Static State Current for Receiver (RX) 70μA
Operating Current for Transmitter (TX) 200μA
Static State Current for Transmitter (TX) 80μA
Detection Way Infrared Rays
Counting Way Straightaway Shot and Shade and then Count
Data Transmitter Period 5 Minutes from RX to DC - customized; Immediately - DC to software
RF Transmission Frequency 433MHz, Encrypted
Connection Way RX to DC by RF Transmission, DC to computer by USB cable; 
Standalone software For signal store, above windows 2003
Network software For chain stores, above windows 2003 and SQL2005 serve.
Height 1.2meter, face to face
Wide ≤20 meters
Fixed Way Screws or Stickers
Range from Sensors to DC ≤40 meters

There are two softwares for HPC005 Infrared People Counter Sensor:
1. Stand alone software.  
Thsi is free and used in single store . The report chart as below :


2. Network software
To centralize the data from different locations to head office.
Not free, cost $990. More than 50 sets, this charge will be refund. 
With the network software, you can check all the data collected from different locations and compare them. 
Below is the analysis chart from one of our customer’s Chain stores, the customer can visit all store’s data at anywhere. (the English version software will be all in English)

Here is the link to test network software :
Website :
User : test
pass word : highlighttest
Peel-stick-count, easy installation
1. For a single store with one entrance 

2. For a single store with serveral entrances
8 sensors at most can be connected into one DC, just make distance between each entrance to DC is less than 40 meters. The software can distinguish every entrances. Details as below:

We can change the software to show a suitable screen display for you.
Real Installation pictures:
                                                               We have another product HPC005S below is the link:
                                                               What is the difference between them?
                                                               HPC005 with DC connected into computer directly, while 
                                                               HPC005S with DC connected into LAN directly, computer is not needed.
Please click below picture for our head people counting camera for your reference.