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people counting

*16+ different type visitor counters for your choice.
*people counting support different technologies: IR/WI-FI/2D/3D/AI
Can meet different needs
*People counter equipped with market-advanced and well-known brand chips
*Provide free background software operation and video guidance
*24h online technical support and after-sale service
*Support hardware R&D and Design
*Provide hardware logo printing
*Support API/SDK/Protocol for integration
* Support software re-development and customization
MRB is a visitor management system supplier.
High-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of counter products and products related to the retail industry. Its headquarters and R&D base are located in Shanghai, China.
Over the past 15 years, we have always been adhering to user needs as the center, providing different solutions for global users, whether the terminal owner, middlemen or distributors, we have provided them with the most suitable people counting solutions.
Therefore, MRB has also been recognized by users around the world.

Camera people counter passenger counter AI digital people counter
      ceiling overhead installation ways for 2D/3D people counting

      Easy installation, Plug and play for people counting sensor
      High accuracy customer-flow data, over 95%+
      View data remotely in real time
      Support two-directional in and out
      Network software for free use
      Detailed data report chart
      Support WI-FI & LAN network
      Support connect with POE splitter
      Data can be exported in different form for analyzing and
     Wide range of applications, suitable for buses, coaches,

     Metro and other public transport
     passenger counting can be adjusted from 0-180 degrees
     passenger counter device support anti-shake
     fast smart processor passenger counting system
     Rounded corner design to prevent damage to passengers
     easy installation
     3D technology with high Accuracy.
     high-performance communication media processor
     providing RS45 ,RS232 or RJ45 interface to conduct data
     interaction and sharing with hird-party
     Support video output function, can be combined with DVR
     processor+sensor 2 in 1
     one-click setting
             AI people counting system has built-in AI processing chip

             Independently complete target identification, tracking,
             counting and control locally.
             It can be used in scenarios such as passenger flow statistics,
             regional management, overload control and anti tailing control.
             It can be used alone or online.
             provide passenger flow data support for the decision-making
             of manager in commercial retail industry, tourism industry and
             parks can be used for banks/transportation company provide
             intelligent safety control solutions for road traffic and other
             AI people counters adopt IP65 waterproof design, people
             counting can carry out the same accuracy statistics even when
             used outdoors.

Infrared people counter

people counting system

visitor counter
      HPC005 IR counter is Bi-directional

      support in and out at the same one door.
      people counter support wider range
      It can be used for a gate with 1-40 meters.
      Infrared counter support standalone software
      and network software
      Strong anti-light ability.
      Strong glass (door) penetrating ability
      can be printed with any logo or design
      Data is also shown on LCD screen directly,
    small-size and battery-powered for infrared people counter

    (WIFI version)
    wireless people counter only have 2 counting sensors
    WIFI visitor counter with good performance in dark
    computer software for free use
    Support operate by mobile phone
    Good price to save people counter's costs
    People counting system supports rechargeable battery
    power supply
             Standalone version of the people counter

             Applicable to environments without computers and networks
             Installation is very simple and data can be viewed on the
             counting sensor
             Data can be exported using U disk or USB cable
             Support market standard battery for power supply
             People counter detection door width can reach 25 meters

MRB –The Top people counting Solutions Supplier from China
* Be your most loyal partner in the people counting industry 

Founded in 2006, our company has been active in the global people counter industry since its establishment, providing a variety of intelligent solutions for customers in different fields, mainly covering the different people counting system,IR,WI-FI,2D,3D,AI etc.
Most of our products have passed various international certifications, such as CE, FCC, UL, etc.
We not only have our own production line, but also have a very experienced R&D team in the people counting industry.
Not only can provide sufficient counter product supply for end customers and agents
We can also do logo printing and custom production for different brand customers
Years have passed, and today the growing MRB is poised to broaden its impact in the people counting field and better serve our customers and society in our most trusted role-making your business better through our products and solutions.
We truly welcome friends from all over the world to visit MRB, and look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you in the near future.

*Continuous R&D investment and counting system upgrading
2006~ MRB (Highlight) was established and launched our first best-selling infrared
people counter product and bus counter device at that time:
Infrared Counter HPC001
people counting
2008~ The product line has added the infrared multi-function HPC005 IR counter,
which has been very popular in the market and has been selling well until now
people counting system
2010~ The factory was established, and the vehicle DVR was launched
Chip: Hi 3512, H264, CIF, SD/HDD DVR, etc.
At the same time, the ceiling-mounted 2D camera people counter was launched
To this day is still the user's favorite ceiling people counting system
What's more, Updated and upgraded the bus counter into HPC008 version
people counting
2012~ Updated the DVR chip to MG 3500, H264, 4CH D1 HDD DVR.
At the same time, the intelligent HPC009 3D overhead people counter was developed
Compared with 2D person counter, the accuracy is further improved
According to the needs of market users, the bus counter is updated and upgraded to HPC099 version
people counter
2015~ Update the DVR chip to Hi 3515D, H264, in the same year Huawei discontinued the Hi3515D
2016~ Updated DVR chip Hi 3520V300, H264 4CH 720P, HDD DVR
At the same time, we have added AI counter, which can not only detect the flow of people, but also
the traffic flow on the road, thus providing more choices for different users
AI counting system
2017~ Update the DVR chip to Hi 3521A, H264, 4CH/8CH D1, HDD DVR
After market research and user feedback, we launched the most popular bus passenger counter HPC168,
developed a combination of counting sensor and processor, and greatly improved the accuracy. Even can up to 95%+
After experiencing the test of the market, it has become one of the most popular passenger count products in the
South American market.
HPC168 person counting system
2018~ Five engineers started to develop Mini DVR with Huawei Hi 3521D, aiming to be the best and smallest DVR.
2019~ Mini DVR Hi 3521D H265 1080P /SSD/HDD DVR, the only H.265 and smallest DVR on the market.
Bus DVR + Passenger Counter System
Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, a current limiting function has been added to the hot-selling people counter at the same time.
Restrict the flow of people in public places, and provide different solutions for different installation environments

2020~ The fisheye camera was successfully tested, with a wide angle of 179°. In the same year, the Mini DVR was mass-produced, and it is currently the best DVR on the market.
The future~ MRB is ready! we are coming.

people counting

*MRB company has won the trust and support of users around the world
From the Canton Fair to the exposition, from the airport to the station, from the scenic spot to the park. From Fortune companies to end retail owners,
from thousands of chains stores to a single grocery store. MRB provides more and more customers with different quality people flow counting device and services.
After 15 years of development, we have cooperated with global companies and brands
Continue to accumulate more market and counting system industry information and win the trust of the majority of users

people counter
people counter

The most frequently asked questions for Visitor management system
What is a people counting system?

People flow statistic system can detect and track the flow of people in a designated area, so as to obtain the flow of people in this area.
A people counting system is an electronic device that can be installed in doors both side wall or overhead of public areas.
Mainly used to count the number of people entering, leaving and staying in a venue
The customer counting system not only supports software to view data. But can also view data directly on the device
So that you can clearly understand the traffic data of the area
Data can be displayed in detail by hour, day, week, and month. Also, if you want to integrate with your own ERP, POS or other systems,
we can provide documentation such as API/protocol and SDK

What functions can the customer counter implement?
Through the statistics or control of the flow of people, the operation and management of the flow of people in public places can be successfully realized.
By recording the flow of people information in different areas, the information of the flow of people is analyzed and compared to provide a scientific basis for daily shop working .
For example, the store manager can formulate different product promotion plans based on the customer flow of the store in different time periods,
and can also compare and analyze the customer flow data and the store's turnover.
For example, public toilets can use people counting sensor for statistics, and then limit the flow, etc.

Where can people counting machine be used?
Retail shops, tourist attractions, public toilets, large shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels and other public places can be used.

people counting system

What kinds of people counting device do you have?
There are many kinds of person counter machine, including IR infrared counter, 2D monocular people counter device, 3D binocular people counting , AI visitor counter, etc.

person counter

How do the different visitor counting system work?
The infrared counter is mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver, which are powered by batteries.
They are installed on the walls on both sides of the passage, aligned horizontally, and the infrared rays will be blocked once every time someone passes,
and the people traffic measuring device will count.
Monocular and binocular people counting camera are mainly powered by power adapter or POE, installed above the head at the entrance or exit,
ntelligently identify the human body through the lens,
and use the simulation algorithm to match the passing object with the human body, so as to distinguish the object from the human body .
Identify human body features, e.g. the body is the top of the head + 2 shoulders
AI smart people traffic counting machine are mainly powered by power supply, and use intelligent simulation algorithms to count the flow of people and public transport vehicles, etc.

How about the accuracy for different customer traffic counting system? 
The infrared counter adjusts and improves the accuracy of statistics by setting the installation height, detection speed and other functions,
which can basically meet the needs of customers for counting
The accuracy of monocular binocular and AI video traffic counters is slightly higher than that of infrared counters, because the technology used is different,
and the anti-interference ability is also different.
It improve the accuracy by setting the area, because if the network connection is used, ensuring the smoothness of the network can greatly improve the data
accuracy of the customer traffic measuring system.
In any case, the passenger flow counter is guaranteed to have a 96%+ data accuracy rate.

What method does the passenger counter use for data transfer? 
Most infrared counters generally record the data in the receiver first, and then export the data to an Excel table for transmission using a USB flash drive or USB data cable.
Wireless transmission without a network connection.In addition, it can also be connected to the Internet to realize real-time transmission to the database of the store's computer software for viewing. 
Monocular and binocular camera counter generally use network connection to save data in the server's database for local or remote real-time data transmission, usually use WI-FI or LAN network

Do you have software for people counting? Is it possible to view the data locally or upload it to the server for real-time viewing?
*Our people counter has different versions, with or without software, depending on your needs.
If equipped with software, will need the computer of your local store to view the data, you can use our stand-alone software, if you need real-time upload data report  to the headquarters server to view, you can use our network software
The stand-alone software is free, the network software is mostly free, and some are charged, depending on the counter style you choose.

person counting system people flow counting device

So many counters, how to choose the suitable counter device?
Depending on your preference, such as infrared people counter are mainly installed on both sides of the door
2D and 3D, AI electronic people counter are mainly installed on the overhead ceiling.
But which counter is more suitable for your place depends on the installation environment of your store/location, such as the installation height and width of your door,
whether it has a network, the density of foot traffic, whether there is a computer, whether it is required check data report in real time, your budget,etc.
Then this requires our professional sales staff to communicate with you and formulate the most suitable people counter solution for you according to your needs.
* You are welcome to click "contact us" at the top of the page to send your inquiry, we will immediately contact you

We are the end user, I am the owner of several stores, I have never used this counter, what should I do if I do not understand installation and technology?
For installation issues, you don't have to worry.
There are two main components of the traffic counter, hardware and software.
Some person counting device even have no software part, just need to install the hardware.
All our digital people counter are designed with the end user in mind for installation.
All people counting hardware parts are plug and play.
For software installation, we will provide detailed installation manuals and Youtube videos, and you only need some simple steps to complete the installation.
If you have any needs, we can arrange engineers to help you install the software remotely.
Our remote service is 7*24 hours. You can make an appointment for remote after-sales service with our sales staff at any time.
We have more than 15 years of experience, we have accumulated a large number of installation cases and customer solutions, we know how to save time for customers,
thereby improving work efficiency.

We are an engineering company, mainly doing software development and providing solutions to customers. We have our own software system,
what should I do if I don't want to use your software?

*Our company is very welcome to cooperate with you, our people counting system can choose not use our software, you can use your own software,
we can provide you with API/SDK and other interface protocol files for your integration.

I'm a wholesaler and I want to use your counter equipment and software, but I don't want my end users to contact you 
We welcome wholesaler users. If you have end customers who find us, we will let end customers contact you directly.
Regarding hardware equipment, we do not have any logo and information of our company.
Regarding software, you can customize your own logo. The logo is inside the software system.
What's more, You can also customize your company's logo on the hardware.
Then your end users will can't find us.

Because of the impact of the epidemic, is it possible to limit the number of visitors in public areas? 
It can be realized. Due to special circumstances and in line with the special needs of customers, we have developed and set the function of traffic limit on the basis of the original counter software,
which can be used alone. When the number of people staying in the area exceeds the limit, there will be a sound reminder.  you can set this tone as an alarm bell or any music, Whats's more,
all incoming and outgoing data can be displayed on your big screen.
It can also working together with door access control. If it exceeds the flow of people, it can control the opening and closing of doors, etc.
If you still want to implement any functions, please feel free to consult us for more details and solutions

customer counting system
people counting
I want to buy people flow counting device , how do I pay you, how do you ship it to me?
* Regarding payment method, we support TT bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, etc.
You can also ask your Chinese freight forwarder or friend to pay us directly
Support multi-currency payment such as USD, RMB, EUR, etc.
*Regarding delivery, we support sea, air and international express, according to your needs
We usually send samples by international express, for example, DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,etc The shipping time is very fast, door-to-door shipping

Can you show me more information about your company?
No problem at all, see more pictures and info below
people counter

people counting system

Do you have certificate for your people counting machine?
Our country needs it when import

We have the required certificates for most countries to import, if you need a certificate that we don't have
We can apply the certificate to the official department for you

person counter

If you cooperate with our company and buy our people counting device, we will bring you a lot of benefits and help in your business
For example:

direct ex-factory price
Efficient wholesale production and reliable supply chain allow us to offer competitive ex-factory prices.
Deep expertise
As a veteran company with 15 years of experience in people counting machine industry, our team can meet the needs of most customers and consumers.
faster delivery time
Extensive experience in manufacturing people counting's technology allows us to produce faster than our competitors
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