Bus passenger counting

Item No.: HPC099
Bus passenger counting is used to count passengers of the bus.
Equipment Installation
 1. Installation Environment of Bus passenger counting 
  • In order to extend the service life of the equipment, please install the equipment as near as possible in the part where the bus' vibration is weak.
  • To make sure of the normal heat dissipation of the equipment, please avoid the poor ventilation position (such as the trunk of the vehicle) for installation, and keep the
distance of 15cm from other objects on the same plane of the equipment;
  • The Bus passenger counting counter should be installed horizontally. Please pay attention to
waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning-proof when installing the equipment, and keep the vehicle stationary to prevent the equipment from falling and being damaged.
  • To ensure the safety of the equipment, the camera, cables and other accessories should be placed in a location where passengers and drivers are not easily accessible.
The Bus passenger counting camera mounting height is different for different focal lengths. In order to achieve the best counting effect, the mounting height must be provided at first.

2. Bus passenger counting Installation

a. The Bus passenger counting should be installed as perpendicular to the ground as possible, and the angle perpendicular to the ground can be adjusted within 15°, outside of the car area is less than one-third or all inside the car
b. The distance between the camera and the door should be longer than 15cm; the installation position can also refer to the position (photo as below) or it can be installed in the roof position (photo as below), provided that the ground height and camera height are about 2.1 meters.
A. Bus Installation Example

B. Long-distance bus field installation examples


C. How to check and test if the Bus passenger counting  installation location is feasible
1. Normal situation: Once the passenger appears in the image, the target can be detected immediately
 2.Abnormal situation: Too many outside scenes appear in the image, the passenger target can’t be detected because the bus door first pedal distance to the counter installation location exceed 2.3 meters.
Software Installation
1) The Bus passenger counting with default IP address is
2) Interface: default value 9011
3) Log in: Click the “Log in” button, If the login information is correct, The connection status will show that the device is connected successful.


1. Change IP Address                                                              
Click “Use the following IP address”, then fill in the same network segment as the device (the default is 1 network segment).

2. Software Main Interface:
3. Save Background Image:
To save background images successfully, it takes about 2 seconds to adapt to the environment firstly, and there will be a prompt on the client to show "Save
Successfully" once the learning is succeed. Each channel (binocular camera) has a depth background image of its own independent scene. Therefore, it is necessary to save the background images of Channel 1 and channel 2 separately, so that the passenger counter can count properly and accurately. The background image is a fixed scene in the scene, so be sure to save the
background image when there are no moving objects at the opening door and no camera occlusion. 
After the background image is saved, please click the Refresh Image
button. When the upper background image on the right side of the original image is basically all gray and the lower detection image on the right side
the original image is all black, then it means the saving is normal and successful. If someone is standing in the scene, the detection image will show its accurate depth information image; 
The below picture is an ideal background image and detection image.
4. Gate Switch Signal Setting
1) The door opens in High Level. IO1 and IO2 connect with the level above 5V to open the door and start counting; disconnect the level above 5V to close the door and stop counting.
2) The door opens in Low Level. IO1 and IO2 connect with the level above 5V to close the door and stop counting; disconnect the level above 5V to open the door and start counting.
3) Pulse:
IO1 connects the level above 5V and then disconnects the level above 5V to open the front door;
IO2 connects the level above 5V and then disconnects the level above 5V to close the front door;
IO3 connects the level above 5V and then disconnects the level above 5V to open the back door;
IO4 connects the level above 5V and then disconnects the level above 5V to close the back door;        
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6. In order to avoid injury to passengers caused by collision, the shell appearance of hpc168 bus counter adopts arc-shaped design, and all the connecting lines are installed covertly, which is beautiful and durable, and avoids the injury to passengers caused by the sharp edges of the metal shell.