Fleet management system, MDVR software

MRB MDVR software, fleet management system, with full-featured functions.
MRB team provides intelligent fleet management and our system presents the overall operation, driving, mileage and fuel consumption of vehicles.
It can realize real-time monitoring of multiple passengers and vehicles at the same time. It is supported by mobile phones (IOS, Android) and computers. Check the real-time position of the vehicle, and check the driving track, driving speed, driving kilometers and driving time at any time. Set up the electronic fence of the equipment, and remind timely when entering and leaving the fence. It also supports fuel consumption detection, ultra long idle speed detection, vehicle condition detection and dangerous driving behavior detection.

Please check below video for MRB MDVR software, fleet management system: 



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We will Choose our Patented H.265 1-8CH 1080P full frame DVR plus 1080P IP69K 179° wide angle Camera for your fleet, please click below for more: